Permanent Cosmetics

Wake Up with Make-Up

Kenna has been in the beauty industry for 28 years
Licensed by the State Department of Health
Trained in blood born pathogen prevention

What this means for you is that Kenna has the experience to provide you with the best care and cleanliness as well as the artistic and technical knowledge to leave you looking and feeling your BEST!

What to Expect

Immediately after the procedure results are some redness, some swelling and occasional bruising. The application of ice and/or antibiotic ointment to the area can help reduce these symptoms.

There will be some peeling of the skin and sloughing off of the pigment trapped in the epidermis. As the skin heals the color will continue to charge for the next few weeks. Within two months after the healing is complete you may add or adjust your procedure to suite your lifestyle. The application of a good sun screen and good sun sense will help reserve your make-up for years to come.

Words of Good Advice

Always ask for an on-site consultation so you can assure cleanliness, certificates and training, and licensed by the state health department.

We offer the following Permanent Cosmetics Services:

Upper and Lower$300
MicrobladingPlease Ask
Lip Service
Full Color$350
Beauty Marks$100

All Prices include One Complimentary Touch Up.